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Days 1-4

I actually started on Saturday, March 30. When I say that I started, I mean that I started trying to get on the MS Gym website and began taking all of my supplements as prescribed. My neurologist has prescribed 300 mg of biotin per day, 1200 mg of Alpha lipoic acid per day, and five thousand milligrams of vitamin D per day. Additionally, he has prescribed an old medicine called clemastine. The biotin, alpha lipoic acid and clemastine are all substances that have shown to be beneficial repair. I believe most of the studies have come from Australia. I take the vitamin D because I’m chronically low in vitamin D as are most people with multiple sclerosis. As of today, I have taken all of these supplements for a total of six days.

I started the MS Gym on Monday. I had promised myself I would follow the program carefully. Therefore, on Monday I watched over an hour of introductory videos. Any of you who know me, know that this is not the way I like to do things. I would rather just jump in. So, Tuesday I was ready to start. Each workout is 30 minutes long. I think I cried through 15 minutes of the first one. The reason I cried was not that it was hard…. Or I should say it didn’t look hard. I cried because it looks so easy but it was so hard for me. The video required heavy use of both hands. Because one hand does not work, I had to do everything with my good hand. This proved to be exhausting. Wednesday was the second day. This day did not prove to be any easier than the first day because I had to get on the floor. Getting up and down off the floor is very hard for me. If you doubt me, I challenge you to get on and off the floor using only your right arm and your right leg. I didn’t cry during this video I just cursed. I woke up Thursday feeling awful and exhausted so I did not do my exercises. I felt very guilty that I couldn’t do it. Today is Friday and I rallied. I completed day three in the allotted 30 minutes. Today was very heavy on upper body which meant I had a tough time because of my left arm.

On a sidenote I quit Coca-Colas on Monday and in trying to recommit to no soda and looking to restarting the Dr. Wahl’s diet.

PS…..started my ESTIM on my hand today.


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